Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery
Shipping and Delivery
Shipping and Delivery

The Flight Option:

The air flight  option will require you to pick up your puppy at the
closest airport at  to your destination . Although we try to deliver
to every airport possible , there are limits on how far and to which
airport we can send our puppies to . This can change without notice
due to the airlines’s policy , or change of flights,change of
airplanes that can or cannot accommodate puppies in an area designated
for pets .


The second option is to have a Personal Delivery:

The availability and the cost of personal delivery service varies
throughout season , please contact your sales associate in order to
check the availability of the service .

I will say the airline I use have been wonderful over the years been
dealing with their services. So far there are no complaints only
praises for the way their puppy has arrived. We also believe our
training helps prepare your puppy for their flight! With our
separation training they are use to being by their self so its second
nature to them. We also wake up early to make sure they are busy
following me around before heading to the airport. This way when I
leave them they are ready to sleep.  I give them a stuffed dog that is
used with their separation training so they feel they have a buddy
with them. I also give them a deer huff to chew on if they are bored
during the lay over.  I also give them a supplement Nutritional to
help balance their blood sugar. By the time you pick them up they are
giving puppy kisses and tails wagging. The best thing is my clients
tell me when they arrived they are not stressed.

It is sad when I hear from people that had their puppy flown to them
and they arrived so sick the family couldn’t  enjoy their bundle of
love instead they were giving medication and so sad for the baby and
unfortunately in some cases they lost the puppy from the stress. That
is why I refuse to fly another way and would not fly the first year. I
invest too much time and love in my babies to allow this to happen to

I have had clients ask what if something happens on the plane will
they lose puppy and money. Whereas I pray this never happens I do
purchase insurance so you are covered if that were to ever happen. I
pray this sets your mind at ease if you need to have me fly a puppy to you.