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(Loyal Siberian Husky ) PUPPY APPLICATION FORM~

If you‚re interested in one of our puppies‚ please fill out this puppy application form. I am very careful about placing my puppies in responsible‚ educated homes‚ so here are some questions that will help me get to know more about you. I hope you will agree that the animal’s welfare must be my foremost consideration in considering a placement. Please do your research on the breed prior to submitting this form. Siberians are truly an amazing animal‚ buy they are not for everyone. All breeds are different and you need to make sure this is the correct breed of dog for your home. They are more than just a beautiful face‚ you need to know the characteristics of them too. Huskies have a long life span with few health issues‚ they can easily live up twelve–fifteenth years or longer. This is a long term commitment on your part and your families. They are at your mercy for food‚ water‚ shelter‚ medical attention‚ training and love.

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What time frame are you looking to add a puppy to your family/ Are you ready for a puppy now, or interested in information on upcoming litters?

Please tell us a bit about you/your family. We appreciate your responses, And will process them ASAP. All your responses and information are kept confidential.